You Just Never Know

A few weeks back I had placed an order for some new products at The Loving Piece.  Anxiously awaiting the new items, they finally arrived.  There was a total of three boxes and I began opening the packages up with excitement, as if Christmas morning had finally arrived.  One of the last boxes I opened, encased quite a few candles and miscellaneous items.  When I picked one of the boxes up, I heard something small fall.  I continued checking in the candles and honestly, forgot about the sound that I heard earlier.  After emptying the entire box, I found a small stone.  I realized at that moment, that was the sound that I had heard earlier.  It didn’t belong to anything that I had purchased, and considering that it was not in any of the packages or wrapping of anything I had purchased, I knew that it didn’t belong to me.  

I decided to contact the company to see if it belonged to someone, since it did look like a stone that belonged in a ring.  I called the company and explained the story that I had just shared with you all.  The lady on the other end of the phone sounded a little confused, but stated that she would send me an envelope to return the stone.  Returning to the shop after a two day break, there was an envelope, and included in there was this note.  The note stated that the stone, in fact, belonged in a ring of the person that packed my order and she was thrilled to get it back.

This completely warmed my heart, and it truly confirmed to me that many times we look over little things and when in fact, they are the big things… perhaps not to us, but to someone.  So go out there and make someone’s day…an when you do, that someone in fact, may just be you!!!

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