Earlier today I started to write a blog since it had been awhile.  Initially, I wrote about my experience with a labyrinth and it just didn’t feel right so I deleted it.  I knew at some point that the right topic would come so I just left it go for the day.  I can’t begin to tell you about the amazing experiences that I have had the privilege to be witness to, but today….I was the one who was having the experience.

I put a sign on the door “be back in 10 minutes”.  When I came back to the shop, there was a beautiful couple waiting outside my door.  I apologized for not being here and we both entered into the shop together.  Once inside, they stated that they traveled in their RV from place to place selling metaphysical tools.  Initially, I wasn’t in the right mindset to be making any type of purchases, and as they were showing me their items, I kindly shared that message with them.  

There is a painting behind the counter that has been hanging there for about five months.  I proceeded to share with them the story behind that piece and MY thoughts behind it and the power that I believe it envelopes.  They began to share a story with me about a print that they travel with and the interesting things that have happened while housing that piece.  At that moment, I realized that they were more then just a couple selling metaphysical tools.

As they were packing up their things, they began to talk to me about all of the crystals in the shop and all of the amazing energy that they hold.  Now, I have always known this, or shall I say, been a believer, BUT never to the extreme that they so graciously shared with me.  

We talked about mediation and how important it is to hold onto the energy of the crystals as we go deep within ourselves.  The gentleman handed me a rose quartz and an aventurine.  Stating that these were two of the crystals that he felt were calling to me.  As I sat with the energy of these two stones, I could feel the energy penetrating my hands and moving up my arms.  He proceeded to take wands out one of his cases and handed me a black obsidian and a black tourmaline.  He stated to me that I needed to meditate…as all of the answers were within me.  The power, is within me.  NOW, I have always believed this and preached about it, but he asked me if he could guide me into a meditation and take me deeper within myself to find those answers; to clear those negative thoughts, to move all of the anxiety that has encased me over the past week.  

We decided on a seven-minute mediation.  His partner watched the time and held the space as he helped me move the thick, negative energy that had been encasing my being.  I can’t really tell you too much about the meditation itself, as I went to a level of being that was so surreal, you probably wouldn’t believe it anyway….When our meditation finally came to an end, I opened my eyes with tears streaming….

We are all a product of our thoughts.  Believe you are love, you are love.  Believe you are negative, you are negative.  All of our answers and who we truly are, is deep, deep within us.  Those two beings were sent here to me, from a level of peace.  From a level of angelic beauty.  They were guided here today to help me reconnect with who I truly am, and who I truly have been sent here to be….ME!

As we stood here and talked about the experience that just took place, we both realized what a divine intervention we had just witnessed and, once again, confirmation that we are doing exactly what needs to be done at any given moment.  

I was taught today that amazingly, beautiful people do exist and restored my hope in the path that I am on.  As I am typing this, I am at peace….a peace that I believed had vanished, and that is the thing…if you believe it is gone, it will be.  Your thoughts are your power, an I was truly witness today that peace exists.  Goodness exists.  Beauty exists and I am blessed to have met two people today that will forever be in my heart…forever i will be connected to.  Divine Prudence….thank you….

Until we meet again!

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