Welcome 2017

As I have now returned from a much needed stay-cation, I am excited for 2017 and everything that is in store for us as beings, and The Loving Piece.  During the holiday shopping season, many people had entered into the shop for the first time, and many had returned as I now know them on a first-name basis.  For those people who had experienced this shop for the first time, asked me how long the store had been opened…..the first time I went to answer, I paused and did the math, and with a smile said, “Going on two years”!  YES!!!  GOING ON TWO YEARS!!!!  The day that I walked out of my attorney’s office with my tax-id, LLC binder in hand, I paused hugged that black binder tight, and realized….I am holding my future in my arms.  With no building, no inventory, no idea, other than a dream and a shop name!!!  I was holding my future!!!!!!

Going on two years, I am extremely excited to see where 2017 will take me with The Loving Piece!  I have met some pretty amazing people, heard heart-warming stories, and gained some incredible friendships, while reuniting with some from my past.  I am truly thankful for this journey and the people who have been on it with me, and those yet to come!

Let 2017 be your year!  If you have a dream, LIVE IT!  An idea, BRING IT FRUITION.  A goal, DO EVERYTHING TO ACHIEVE IT.  An at the end of the day, everyday, take a moment, acknowledge your achievements (whether big or small) and thank yourself for acknowledging the path you are on and the wonderful, amazing person that you are!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!

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