The Loving Piece is more then items!

When I first began this journey I wanted to hold workshops, classes, and get togethers in this space.  Since opening in July of 2015, this space has done just that.  The Loving Piece is very blessed to host The Lehigh Valley Medium who started here back in September with only three people.  I am honored to have had Matthew Kamont do his first public appearance at The Loving Piece, which was also the first class/workshop here.  Now, six months later, we are booked before it is even posted and there is a waiting list!  He is a gifted child of God and I am thankful to witness the peacefulness that he has brought to many who have attended.

We have hosted Jessica Brown-Ramirez, who does a Past Life Regression Meditation.  She is incredible, and a sweet, good-hearted being, and if you have never done something just for yourself, this is one of those things.  She helps you dig deep into your realm and put the past at peace.  Her calmness, peacefulness and guidance is such a blessing and everyone needs at some point in their life, take this journey with her.  She will be returning at some point in May.  

Jessica Brown (hmmmm another Jessica), is a gifted soul who has set aside every other Tuesday to share her gift of enlightenment and intuition to bring to this space what is needed by those in attendance.  There is always a box of tissues present as she has the gift of helping you move stuff that no longer serves you.  She reaches and touches the hearts of many both old and young, as there have been teenagers in attendance.  She is pure sweetness,

Last night was our first Mantra, Meditation and Music:  Kirtan.  Although the expectation was unclear, it was a beautiful singing meditation that allowed blessings to occur within the space, and a peacefulness that is still surrounding those in attendance.  Deva Vidya and Sharon Silverstein shared their gift of music and singing within the space and blessed us with a meditation that I feel very fortunate to have taken a part of.  They will be back in the near future to share this experience with more of the community.

I have referred to The Loving Piece as a manifestation of a dream….it is evolving into a dream of many.  The workshop and class opportunities will continue to grow as will the community that we reside in.  I sell many things between these four walls, I sometimes refer to it as stuff, but when you do the work on yourself….that truly is the GOOD STUFF!  I am excited to see what the future holds for this space and for the wonderful people who have been here and have yet to attend.  May blessings and a peacefulness surround you….

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