The Journey Is Not Always Peaceful

Why at times does it feel uncomfortable when people take a stance for themselves an stand up for what they believe in, most importantly for what they deserve.  At times, it feels uncomfortable for the person taking charge of their life, but also it can feel uncomfortable for the person they are standing up to.  We are all here to learn lessons, some painful, some not so much.  Ultimately, tho, not only are we the teacher but the student as well.  

We are on a journey and sometimes the journey is amazing and sometimes it just does not feel so good.  Those moments when we feel uncomfortable, embrace them.  Change is happening.  I was told by an amazing human being to be glad when shit hits the fan because when that happens, it means that greatness is soon to follow.  There are many different types of classes that are offered here at The Loving Piece, but one of the greatest classes offered are the classes that you learn from as you as you venture on your journey.  You know, that thing called LIFE!!!

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