Supporting The Journey

I have written many times before about the amazing growth that transpires at The Loving Piece, and have often referred to TLP as a springboard…for not just customers, but more recently, a friend and former employee, Marisa McFadden. I met Marisa many moons ago at a spiritual workshop that was being held by Jessica Brown in downtown Easton. As life would have it, time would pass before our paths would cross again, and this time it was at The Loving Piece. An essential-oil distributor was coming in to do a stop and see at the shop, and the individual who was going to be bringing in her jewelry to sell cancelled at the last minute, unknowingly at that moment, a replacement was called in and Marisa and I crossed paths again. I was excited to have a local artist with great jewelry present at the shop and the seeds of our business connection had been planted!

Over time, we would catch up as Marisa would bring jewelry in and we would share stories of our kids, our spiritual journey and the lessons we were learning. One of the biggest moments for me was after my dad passed and a year and three days later our conversations shifted from kids to dealing with the death of both of our father’s. It seemed that we had a heart-breaking understanding of what the other one was feeling.

I’m not really sure about the exact time frame, but eventually, Marisa not only was my friend, but she was now a part of the growth of The Loving Piece, as she became my first “official” employee. She helped expand the shop from being open 5 days a week to 6, and as the hours of the shop were expanding so were Marisa’s gifts. It was very exciting to see Marisa tapping into her gifts with many of the people that would come into the shop, facilitating workshops from chakras, to free writing and before you knew it…energy readings! One of the most beautiful moments was when she begun to believe in herself, her gifts and knew that this spiritual path was her new home, but not before setting up and creating her own space.

Marisa has recently opened up Creative Spirit in Downtown Easton. Creative Spirit is a studio and healing space that allows Marisa to offer private and group readings along with a variety of creative and spiritual classes and workshops. Marisa uses her talents and experience to guide others in self exploration and self expression to ultimately get in and stay in “the flow.’ Be sure to check out her website and listen to her latest podcast and while you are there, take a moment to check out her blog! She is quite the writer.

I am fortunate to have witnessed a portion of this journey firsthand and I wish Marisa many years of continued success, love, support, and a journey that will forever “flow with love”! Thank you for allowing The Loving Piece and I to be able to see the magic unfold!! xoxo

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