Stones and their power

I don’t by any means claim to be world renowned on this subject or an authority on any level.  The only thing I can do is share my story.  A few years back I was working at a place and a gentlemen use to come in and share his story of his spiritutal journey.  As I was sharing with him that I was traveling to Sedona, Arizona, one of the things he suggested to me was to purchase a cavansite stone.  One of the first things I did when I arrived in Sedona was purchase one of these stones.  Cavanasite is a beautiful, vibrant blue stone with many powers.  It is a stone that aids in many psychic areas.  It can stimulate intuition greatly, heightens psychic awareness, stimulates the third eye, and enhances channeling abilities.  It is especially helpful in psychic healing and protects the healer during psychic healing sessions.

I was so fascinated and intrigued by this stone.  I made a point of carrying it with me at all times.  I traveled with a group of women and they were on their own journey as well.  One of the women was going to a Equinistic Healing session and I asked her if she minded if I tagged along.  I believed that I was suppose to be there.  Of course, she included me and off we went, cavanasite stone in pocket.  

I won’t get into the definition of Equinistic Healing right now, I will save for another day, but I highly recommend it.  Anyway, this session lasted about an hour and a half.  It was an intensive healing session and I delved deep into the depths of my soul and experienced shifts that I didn’t think existed.  It was a very moving session and I felt extremely fortunate that I was put in that place at that time.  I cried, I moved energy within, I realized where some of my personal pain had stemmed from and basically moved some emotional garbage from my life.  When the session was over and I was walking back to the vehicle, I reached down in to my pocket to pull out the cavanasite stone.  

It was gone.

I looked for it for a few minutes, and realized with the help of my friend, that the stone had served its purpose and it was placed back onto the earth for the next person who needed that energy to find.  So when you are out and about and you come across a stone of any type that catches your eye….pick it up… was placed there, just for you!

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