Spring has sprung!!

I am so excited about the warm weather and the foot traffic outside of my door!  The shop  has had the door wide open to welcome in the traffic and let the fresh air in.  Along with the fresh air, there has been new clothing arriving daily.  We have dresses, skirts, maxi skirts, tops, bralettes, crop tops all by Soul Flower and Synergy.  Which means only one thing, organic….organic…..organic.  So what defines organic clothing from the rest.  Get ready, cause I am going to tell you.  

Organically grown cotton for use in clothing is grown differently.  Farming methods of organic cotton use far fewer toxins which put both the farmers and eventual wearers of the clothes at far less risk of any health-related issues related to toxicity.  Instead of relying on pesticies and synhetic fertilizers, organic cotton growers use organic manure to fertilize the crop.

The majority of organic cotton products are extremely soft, due to the lack of harsh chemicals, dyes and bleaches added to the fabric. they do not have the anti-wrinkle chemicals applied to conventionally produced cotton products, making them not only softer and much more comfortable to wear, but also safer, as wearers will not be breathing in the toxins from the fibers that are so close to the skin.  

Normally when we sweat, our pores open up and while wearing organic clothing, the toxins (since there aren’t any), won’t be absorbed into our skin as opposed to non-organic clothing.  As we are slowly becoming a society of being more aware and conscious of what we are putting into our bodies, we really should become more aware of what we are putting on the outside of them as well.  As organic is more expensive then the rest, start out slow, buy yourself a t-shirt, a skirt or a cami.  By buying one piece at a time it is not only more practical and more attainable, but you can fall in love with organic clothing, one piece at a time.

Do something good for yourself and mother earth….wear organic!!!!

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