Back in March of 2017, I wrote a blog regarding one of the many life lessons that I had learned from someone that I had spent some time with.  On June 11th as I was on one of my many walks, I found myself reflecting on that time in my life.  You know, replaying everything that transpired and how differently things could have been, before checking in with myself and realizing that things are and were exactly the way they were supposed to be.  On Tuesday, June 12th, I was scrolling thru Facebook and found myself in shock and disbelief as I had read that this individual had passed away earlier that morning.  

Death has a strange way of giving you a different outlook, insight, realization on things.  Some that we can explain and some that we never will be able to….LIFE.  

About two weeks ago, I found myself on one of those mind, reflection journey’s and was reminded that everyone comes into our lives for a reason, sometimes for a lifetime, and sometimes for a moment.  I was thanking him for the lessons that he had taught me and happened to look down, and I felt as if the universe was hugging me as I had found this feather.  

We all receive signs.  We all believe that they are attached to certain people, angels, ascended masters, etc.  Some that we believe we can explain and some that are unexplainable.  As I was so grateful for the gift of this feather, I found myself asking him if it in fact was from him, and if so, to please give me a sign of confirmation.  

As I continued on my walk of reflection, I chose to go a different way than what I normally do, still, asking the universe to confirm who/what/where this feather came from and to reassure me that my belief was in fact true.  You know, going back to trust or lack there of!  When I came to the top of the hill right above my home, I found this cloud formation that I couldn’t wrap my head around.  Right there, above my house was what I refer to as a confirmation, a SIGN!  Some may refer to this as a coincidence, but for those of you that know me….coincidence is just a word in the dictionary!

I found myself taking photo after photo because I was in such awe, and excitement for what I was seeing.  Now perhaps, you may look at this and see a blip of a cloud, but in my world I saw a soaring bird.  A sign!  A confirmation!  Trust!  A reminder that there are things that are greater than us!  There is a greater power out there no matter what your belief system is and that we don’t know where we go once this life as we know it ceases, but what we do know is that there are things that we just can’t explain, things that remind us that there are angels all around us and that there are signs!  You just have to open your eyes, lift up your spirit and look for them!  

Thank you for my lesson and thank you for this sign….

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