Have you ever walked along the beach, combing the sand for some beautiful shells…some treasures to take home with you as a souvenir of the time that you had?  I have always been one to look for sea glass, colorful rocks and this past trip…shells.  Normally, I will bypass the shells though.  Have a lot of them, and they usually end up in a jar, and I honestly couldn’t even tell you which beach they were from.  

This trip, though, was different.  Although I only brought a small handful home with me, the message within them, was huge!  If you look up the definition of a shell, it is defined as the hard outer covering of an animal, insect, etc., that protects it.  Now of course, I needed to take this one step further, because as I was collecting these beautiful pieces, I noticed how different each one of them is and applied it to people.  

We are all walking the face of the earth, in 3-D, with our shells.  Some of them are beautiful, some of them are dark, some are rough around the edges, some transparent, some are broken, some are shiny, some are dull.  These shells, or shall I say, outer beings, are all covering up or encasing one thing.  The soul.  

I am a firm believer that everyone begins their existence with a beautiful soul.  An innocent soul and then we are thrown into this thing called life.  Over time, we are handed situations that perhaps, many believe taints our soul.  We sometimes allow darkness to cloud our being.  The way we react to those situations begins to define who we are.  Some will settle for that existence.  Some will fight for the light, and some will continue down a dark path of destruction blaming others along the way.  Either way, the one thing that I have learned thus far, is never judge a book by its’ cover.  What may appear to be beautiful on the outside may be broken on the inside.  What may appear to be ugly on the outside, may be beautiful on the inside.  What may appear to be rough around the edges, may be the softest, kindest being on the inside.  

So the next time you are on the beach, an you stumble across a shell that appears broken; take a closer look for it may be the most colorful, magnetic, magical shell you ever come across; pick it up, accept it for what it is and add it to your collection.  Don’t judge….you never know how many waves that shell had to ride to get to the resting place of the sand.

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