Share the Wealth

There are many things within the walls of The Loving Piece that I love and find beautiful, but there is one thing in particular that warms my heart and just amazes me.  That particular item is a dish that since the day that I opened, has become a living-breathing thing.

When I first opened The Loving Piece, I sat a small dish near the register with two pennies and a note that read, “Share the Wealth, Leave a Penny.  Take a Penny”.  My intention for that dish was, like many places, to house a few pennies for that customer that perhaps, was a penny or two short, to use at their will.  Boy, was I wrong.

Since opening July 2015, I have had to replace that initial dish because it no longer could hold all of the coins that were placed there, and I am close to replacing the latest one as well.  That dish is not about the coins that it embraces, but about the people who have randomly dug into their pockets and put coins in this bowl, many times without making a purchase.  This dish is a constant reminder of the goodness and grace that still is a part of society and most importantly about the people who cross the threshold of this shop.  

I have had a few customers ask me what I was going to do with the money, what I might spend it on.  My response is always the same, “it doesn’t belong to me, it does not belong to the shop… belongs to each and everyone of you and will forever be a constant reminder that kindness still exists”.

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