I have started this entry over a week ago.  I typed, and then I deleted.  I retyped, and then, deleted again.  I did that for many reasons, one of which, my thoughts just would not flow.  When that happens, I stop and try to regroup and then, go back again, hoping for a smoother flow of words.  

I started this blog again this morning.  Again, the struggle.  Not really sure why the word block is extremely predominant other then, I just need to go within and be with me.  Perhaps, my words have no relevance to someone else’s life at this moment, except my own.  As I am typing those words…..my own…..I finally feel an ease in what I am typing.  

We all have words, we all have things to say, but perhaps, rather then voicing our words to others, we should just go within and enjoy our own words….listen to ourselves….listen to our own heart and soul.  Listen to our inner self, the one who knows us better then anyone and TRUST in that.  TRUST in ourselves….TRUST in our soul….clearing out the noise and just sitting with the quiet, for in the QUIET is where we hear the most.

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