Planting the Seeds

In May of 2007, I began a relationship with a man who was going to change my life in many ways (will save that for another day).   Shortly after beginning our relationship, his mother passed away.  As he was one of two siblings, he chose to be the one to go threw her attic with a fine tooth comb and weed through his childhood memories.  As he had asked me to help him with this task, I found myself learning a lot about him and his wonderful-sentimental values.  One of the items that he came across was a box of old books.  You know the kind…hard-covers, no pictures;  the type that you would use for an essay in school.  The kind that you would expect to find in an attic.  He was going to throw them away, and I asked him if I could keep them, as I anticipated doing something with them…someday. 

As time has moved forward, as it always does, those books remained in the same box, in my garage.  They have been moved from spot to spot and I could never bring myself to get rid of them. The man who gave them to me has since passed away, but the memory of that day in his mother’s attic remains encased in my mind.   

My daughter is soon to be married this month and preparing for a wedding can be hectic, rewarding, emotionally-life changing, and exciting.  As you all know, there are so many details in planning a wedding, from the colors, to the invites, to the music that will be played, etc.  My daughter struggled with the accent color for awhile, and eventually decided on navy blue.  Next thing, centerpieces.  She had come up with an idea for them and needed one more addition to them for her boho-themed wedding.  I mentioned the box of books that still remained.  She loved the idea (phew-thank goodness) and was able to check one more thing off of the list.

Since the books had sat for 10 years, they were a little dusty, to say the least.  This morning I made my way to finding an air compressor to try an clean them off.  On the top of this box was a variety of books in a variety of colors.  As I cleaned each one, I piled them up by color.  When I was all finished, I looked at the pile and 95% of them are navy blue.  I was so excited as I envisioned the table with the centerpieces, the navy blue accents and the fact that those seeds (books) were planted years ago, but during a time when I was not open to it….I had no idea.

I am so thankful to the Universe for allowing this to happen and especially allowing me to notice the beauty in how everything always truly works out.  We may not notice it at the moment, but if we allow ourselves to be open to the divine intervention, we will truly notice the beauty in the past, the present and the future as they are all one in the same.

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