Music in the Soul…..

Driving down the road and you hear THAT song.  THAT song that triggers your memory to a time when perhaps you were a teenager and was just broken up with by a significant other.  You played that song over and over and over again and while it made you cry, and at that moment you thought you weren’t going to survive….you did.  That song healed you in a way that you didn’t even know.  

How about the song that reminds you of driving down the road and you felt like you were invincible.  That song that made you believe that the sky was the limit and is!!!  Songs are our own music video.  Each and every song that you hear plays a part in your history.  Some happy, some sad, some just….

Depending on our life’s situation we can hear the SAME song differently every single time.  The song that triggered this blog today was Where The Streets Have No Name by U2.  I use to play it in my 1985 Jeep and in the beginning of the song as it gears up, I remember jamming to that and feeling like I was being catapulted in my life to a new dimension.  Well this morning, that song came on the radio.  I was driving my Jeep (not the same one) and the beginning still possessed me to jam out, still made me believe that I was being catapulted, BUT also reminded me of how far I have come.  That first girl was going thru a breakup, still living at home, and working for a temp agency.  The woman that listened to it today, is a shop owner, mother of four, blessed in my being and thankful for the moment.  

Take a moment today and play one of those songs that makes you smile.  Let it remind you of where you were, where you have been and believe in where you are going.  Allow that song to touch your soul, because MUSIC IN THE SOUL CAN BE HEARD BY THE UNIVERSE.

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