Life or Labyrinth

There are times in our lives when events happen that we are unable to explain or understand.  We believe we know why they have occurred when, in fact, that thought is no where near the reason why.  One of my favorite places to go to try and make sense of situations that I don’t quite understand is a Labyrinth.  Yesterday was one of those days…of course, I brought my journal along with a pen to express myself, find the answers.  When I sat in front of the Labyrinth, I began to write with my purple pen…no ink.  I had asked that there be a pen at the core of the Labyrinth that worked.  As I made my way towards the center, with hope in my heart…I found a pen…a black one…I knew that I was going thru some dark before the light was going to shine….

After spending three hours of digging deep, free writing, and just allowing myself to be, I returned to the center of the labyrinth and returned that black pen along with the questions that had arisen prior to my arrival, because little did I realize prior to my journey that the answers would be on my walk of the Labyrinth.

Late last night I looked back over 13 written pages in my journal later and this is what I discovered:

Life is a journey

We take it one step at a time

When we believe we should go left, we end up going right

When we go right, we sometimes end up going left

We climb mountains, many times it is an uphill battle

Just when we believe we have it figured out, we are turned around & moving in the opposite direction

Moving further away from our destination, because we need to take each step

So we keep persevering, moving forward, and as we keep trudging uphill…when we least expect it, do we find ourselves connected to our center – the center

Pleasantly surprised & well worth every uphill road & every step that we have taken along the way

Is it a labyrinth or is it life?

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