Hitting The Toddler Stage

I am excited to say that The Loving Piece has been in business for a solid year.  I am truly thankful for the love and support that each one of you has given this space over the past year.  I look back at the pictures of this dream come true and see how The Loving Piece truly has evolved.  

Over the course of this past year, customers would come in and ask me how long I have been in business.  My answer was according….three months, six months etc…and I often referred to it as a newborn baby.  This space, really has grown, evolved and is now transitioning into the toddler stage.  I have listened to everyone who has crossed the threshold and am constantly bringing new things in that you have asked for and some that you haven’t.  Looking back, I was a new parent and was unsure of what needed to be done, what would work, and what wouldn’t, but as any new parent, I trusted my gut.  I did things that I thought would work, things what would make people happy and just went with it.  It appears, that it is working.

I am really excited to see what the next year will bring as I am gearing up for the toddler phase of this shop.  The Loving Piece truly is a living, breathing thing that began with my dream, a great deal of trust in the universe, and love and nurturing from a wonderful community.  A HUGE thank you to everyone.  A child is brought in this world by its’ parents, but is raised by a village.  THANK YOU VILLAGE!!!

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