Hello-It’s Your Intuition Calling

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Tucson Gem and Mineral show, and what a show/learning experience it was.  While I was meeting friends during the course of this journey, the first part of the trip was solo. After landing in Phoenix, I rented a car and put the Tucson Gem & Mineral show in my GPS.  I followed the route and ended up on a side street with no clue as to where I was.  In driving around, I did see many street vendors, as well as, many hippies chilling.  At this point, my mind took over, and I recalled my friend telling me that I needed to go to the JOGS center.  In pulling over, I put the address tp the center in my GPS and was back on my way.

Upon arriving at the JOGS center, I entered into the venue, received my business tags and began my quest in finding new items for the shop.  If you have never been to this show, all I can say is WOW!!!!  I have never seen so many crystals, jewelry, gems, beads, rough stones etc. etc.  It was quite overwhelming, but exciting all rolled into one.  The people I came into contact with were all so very nice and helpful.  One woman, in particular, was explaining how to work the show and what shows she felt I needed to attend (since they are spread out all over Tucson).  One that she mentioned, that seemed to resonate was Pueblo.

After a long day, I grabbed something to eat, found a hotel and called it a day.  The next day, my friends Gilligan and Billy met me at the hotel and back to the JOGS center we went.  There was a lot of exciting things that happened in between Friday and Sunday, but I will save those stories for a later date.  Sunday morning we hopped in the car and made our way up to Tucson and this time we were going to Pueblo.  Yes, the was the place that was mentioned earlier.

As we arrived at this “outdoor” venue, I realized how familiar this place looked.  Oh my goodness…YES!  This was where my GPS took me upon my arrival to the show!!!  All I have to say is, of all of the venues that I was fortunate to attend, THIS by far, was my favorite.  I met so many amazing people, made a lot of connections for the shop and was just more then grateful for the experiences that unfolded at Pueblo.

In reflecting on that the day of my arrival, my intuition (higher-self) knew where I needed to be.  Knew what was best.  Knew where I needed to begin this gem and mineral journey, BUT, my ego decided to take the wheel and take me elsewhere.  Don’t misunderstand me, I am glad that I went to the JOGS center, but ultimately, I was shown that my intuition knows best.  This was a wonderful learning experience for me as during the course of this trip, I realized how simple, free-flowing, stress-free life can be if you truly just go with the flow.  Let go and let God; listen to your intuition and tell EGO to take a back seat.

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