Energy Precaution

Many items that The Loving Piece has available come with a realm of energy attached.  I urge people to not take things lightly.  For example, if you are smudging a home with sage, be sure to know how to do it and with what intention.  When placing a buddha in your home, be sure to know the meaning behind it and the best placement for it.  Using a salt lamp, be sure to know the properties that it creates and the best place for it.  Dream catchers have been around for thousands of years, as they are a Native American art form and used with spiritual intent.  

Please take the time to learn about these items, do not get caught up in the novelty of them.  They are gifts from many, many, many years of study, worship and when used in the proper fashion, will bring you many years of goodness, along with a sense of positive spirituality.  

I am very thankful for the teachers in my life and the time and energy that they have put into their teachings, as well as, the teachers who bless the walls of The Loving Piece.  Take the time to read up on the things that you are interested in or better yet, ask someone who is knowledgable in that area.  You will be so thankful that your proceeded with some energy precaution.

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