4 Years & Counting

Today marks 4 years that The Loving Piece opened it’s doors!  I am in total awe, of the many stories that this magical place has created and continues to do so.  As I have said before, my goal when I first opened was to be in business for a minimum of 6 months.  If I …

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Life or Labyrinth

There are times in our lives when events happen that we are unable to explain or understand.  We believe we know why they have occurred when, in fact, that thought is no where near the reason why.  One of my favorite places to go to try and make sense of situations that I don’t quite …

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Back in March of 2017, I wrote a blog regarding one of the many life lessons that I had learned from someone that I had spent some time with.  On June 11th as I was on one of my many walks, I found myself reflecting on that time in my life.  You know, replaying everything …

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