Born on this date is the Aquarius sign.  So according to the 2016 Sun Sign Book, written by Kim Rogers-Gallagher, what is in store for you this month?  Venus will slip into your sign on February 16, Aquarius, so if you are not already seeing someone, she’ll draw some admirers your way.  Since she will be in your sign, you can count on every one of them being quite “interesting,” your favorite quality.  On Febraury 29-an unusual day- Venus might even inspire you to settle down, A little, For now.  

This is just a small sampling of what is hidden between the pages of this book.  The book is divided up by signs and then it lists month, by month, Relaxation & Recreation, Lover’s & Friends, Money & Success, and Tricky Transits.  Did I mention Rewarding Days for the month and Challenging Days?  

Are you wondering what day you should ask for a raise?  Check out the Aquarius Action Table and it will help guide you to what days are best.  This book is a lot of fun and is something you can use the whole year through.  

Do I have your attention?  Sparked your interest?  We are open until 5:30 pm today.  Stop in…there are only two left!!!

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