3 Years – 3 Signs

As many of you know, I am always mentioning that there are signs all around us at any and every given moment.  Now, as I realize this, I am also the one who is similar to the plumber with the leaky faucets.  As I do look for signs, I don’t always recognize them as such.  So, now that we got the “back story” out of the way, let’s get down to the mystical, magical stuff.

The 3rd anniversary of my father’s passing was this past Tuesday, July 16th.  Randomly, a group of us decided to go to the beach for the day, so I threw some items into an old beach bag, grabbed a book, journal and sunscreen and we were on our way.  After about five hours on the beach, we decided that it was nearing the time to head home, but not before grabbing some icecream from one of the places on the boardwalk.  Of course, I needed to get a cone and have not yet mastered eating and walking, so we decided to sit on a bench overlooking the ocean.  As we were talking, I happened to look down at this old and tattered beach bag that was home to all of our old pool and beach tags, and I noticed a beach tag from 2005.  The interesting thing about that year, was it was the summer that my Dad spent many hours on the road with me helping me find a home for the kids an I, and it was also the summer that the kids an I took a vacation to Cape May. Looking a little further down the tag, past the ice-cream cone, it stated Saturday-Saturday expiring 7/16.  Talk about a sign.  

Let’s talk it one step further and mention that one of my favorite memories was being with my Dad, on the beach, and being the last two off because we were the ones who seemed to be quietly nominated to bring back all of the things.  I cherish the photos that my Mom took of us.  Not to mention all of us going for ice-cream with him every night that we were on vacation.  Dieting or not.

After embracing that moment, I was a little in awe in wondering if in fact, 14 years ago, I was being told that inevitably July 16th would in fact, change my life forever.

Heading home, my brother contacted me to share that in taking his phone out of his pocket, on his home screen, was a notification to subscribe to Facebook with a photo of him and I at the first year’s scholarship golf tournament that we did in our Dad’s name.  Now my brother has never had Facebook nor does he have a desire to, but interesting enough, golfing was one of the things that my brother and father shared.  Some of his fondest memories of my father was the two of them on the golf course.

Imagine me, now at this point in time, I am crying and thanking my Dad for letting us know that he acknowledges us and our favorite moments with him.  Wait, though, I am not finished.  After arriving home, I contacted my Mom and shared the story with her.  She stated that she had one for me…my parent’s would always sit at the breakfast table together every morning and right outside their window was a plethora of bird feeders.  My Mom had a hummingbird feeder, but no hummingbirds, until the morning of July 16th. First one, zipping around, while she was eating breakfast.  The hummingbird is also significant to the heart.

.Coincidence?  Nah, don’t believe in them.  Ironic?  Nope, don’t believe in that either.  My Dad acknowledging all three of us on a day that changed us all?  ABSOLUTELY.  Have I ever doubted that my Dad has given all of us signs at the exact time that we needed them?   No, but I never realized that sometimes, the signs come before something actually happens, and we are reminded of it at the exact, moment, that we are ready to receive it.  

I am so grateful to have been gifted this moment on Tuesday, and reminded to continue to travel with an open heart, open mind, and most specifically open eyes so that we don’t miss a thing.

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