Month: June 2016

Energy Precaution

Many items that The Loving Piece has available come with a realm of energy attached.  I urge people to not take things lightly.  For example, if you are smudging a home with sage, be sure to know how to do it and with what intention.  When placing a buddha in your home, be sure to …

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Just Love

The lyrics, “what the world needs now, is love sweet love,” keeps singing in my head (yours too now :-))  Anyway, I am thinking back to last weekend.  My son and a girlfriend of his were on their way down to Philly Pride.  As they were leaving the house, I mentioned to them, please be …

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I have started this entry over a week ago.  I typed, and then I deleted.  I retyped, and then, deleted again.  I did that for many reasons, one of which, my thoughts just would not flow.  When that happens, I stop and try to regroup and then, go back again, hoping for a smoother flow of words. …

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