Month: February 2016

Spring has sprung!!

I am so excited about the warm weather and the foot traffic outside of my door!  The shop  has had the door wide open to welcome in the traffic and let the fresh air in.  Along with the fresh air, there has been new clothing arriving daily.  We have dresses, skirts, maxi skirts, tops, bralettes, …

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The Dream Means….

Last night or perhaps early this morning, I found myself amidst an amazing dream.  Although if I took the face value meaning, it meant nothing in comparison to the actual transformative meaning.  Ok, now that I have your attention and you are wondering what the heck I am talking about, here we go!  According to …

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Born on this date is the Aquarius sign.  So according to the 2016 Sun Sign Book, written by Kim Rogers-Gallagher, what is in store for you this month?  Venus will slip into your sign on February 16, Aquarius, so if you are not already seeing someone, she’ll draw some admirers your way.  Since she will …

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